Friday, November 26, 2010

CheekyMac Charities First Fundraiser

On the 6th of November 2010 CheekyMac Charities held "Briland's Be Your Best Talent Quest" - a talent show for the youth of Harbour Island. The money raised on the night was used to buy fans that were donated to the Harbour Island All Age School. Chico said, "I went to a parent teacher meeting one night at the school and listened to a young student talk about how incredibly hot it is in their learning communities. I understand how hard it is to learn in that environment - once attending the school myself and felt the need to help out." Chico and Danielle were excited that they could work so closely with the Harbour Island community to put on an event for the talented youth. Danielle stated, "It was so inspiring to see how many amazing people were committed to donating their time and money towards this event. Any event that involves children is always a joy - children have such innocence and purity. The children of Harbour Island are incredibly talented and I know that many of them will go far!"

The winners & judges.

Many hotels and local businesses from Harbour Island donated money and dinners for the night. Danielle said, "It is awesome when you see a local community get behind their kids and encourage positive events. I think the island needs more of it. We plan on bigger and betters events upon our return to the island. It's exciting." Judges on the night included Hollywood Director Bill Corcoron, Minister John, Local Photographer Chanella Percentie and Danielle herself. The night was hosted by Chico, who also performed songs from his new album and a song on Drug Awareness. First prize of $400 cash, a photo shoot and a professional recording session with Afro Head Studios went to "The Rapping Angels" - a talented group of 4 boys including Shannon, Johnny, Solomon and Jaden, rapping Christ Warriors. 

The winners won $400 cash, a photo shoot and
a recording session with Afro Head Studios.
Second prize of $150 cash and a photo shoot went to "Soldiers For Christ", a band of 5 boys branching from the Church of God including AJ, Anton, Antonio, Leon and Ben. And third prize of $100 cash went to "The Wilson 5" - an inspiring family of 5 children including Aaron, Lucy, Montez, Monica and Madison, who sang and played instruments. Encouragement awards were also given to other contestants. 

Chico singing 'Over', a song about Drug Awareness.
Bill Corcoran, Minister John & Danielle judging.

The night was a great success. They managed to raise $1260 and after paying the winners their prize money they were able to order and deliver ten 18 inch Lasko Pedestal fans to the school. Ms. Missick, Principal of H.I.A.A.S was very appreciative of the fans and knew the students would benefit greatly from them. Chico replied, "In the end all the glory goes to God and the kids!"

Delivering fans to the school.

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